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We’ll be honest: The Morning AMp has always had issues with Mr. Fiasco. (And to be fair and balanced, some of our co-workers love him!) So when we heard the name of his new single, we had a feeling it was not going to please us. Mikki Kendall of TheAngryBlackWoman.com and Kimbriell Kelly of the Chicago Reporter mainly took Lupe to task for putting too much time in policing the language of women, rather than calling out his own brothers for negative language. Caller Malachi disagreed, saying that positivity of any kind should not be dismissed. And then… things got very, very heated.

I heart Mikki ……… 

and …..


anyone else irritated that Malachi has the last word?

He actually didn’t (this is only a part of an hour long show), but whoever cut it for the podcast snipped off the whole second half of the discussion.

If the rest of the show ever gets posted, please link to it! I definitely would like to have heard the rest of the discussion.

It’s right here. I was having problems getting the MP3 to play so I still haven’t listened to the whole show yet.

the MP3 I just got off that site is the same segment that’s on Soundcloud. Bummer.

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    just wanted to add this correction for folks who didn’t see it. The link is the same segment from soundcloud. Karnythia...
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    the MP3 I just got off that site is the same segment that’s on Soundcloud. Bummer.
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    I heart Mikki ……… and ….. Yeah
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